How to celebrate my birthday: I don’t want a birthday party!

Happy Birthday, Amiel!

How will you celebrate your birthday?

Maybe, a big party surrounded by family and friends? Or at the beach, bumming? Maybe, meditating on the last two decades or so on a mountain top? Or overseas, with a chum or two? Maybe a dinner date with sweetheart?

Today, I’m a quarter of a century old. And, surprise, I’m merely hibernating!

I’ve considered several (wholesome) things to do for my birthday today though: 

  1. Make a list of all the restaurants in town that I wanna try, then check ALL of them in one day! Eat dessert or a meal at each, and announce to the management it’s my birthday so they can annoy everyone else with their loud singing of the Happy Birthday song. Who knows, you may score a freebie in these restos. (Get hints on the best places to dine with Silkenhut’s food photoblog).
  2. Call my favorite radio station and dedicate a song to myself. I’d ask for FALL OUT BOY – What A Catch, Donnie or THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS – Your Guardian Angel.
  3. Throw my own self an amazing party. Won’t wait for anybody to surprise me with one, tire myself on planning it and torture myself thinking about the food, the theme, the guest list, etc.
  4. Get into trouble, or go do something crazy and wild. Bungee jumping. Water rafting. Paintball. Be a nude model for an art class. Some random silliness. 
  5. See both the sunrise and sunset. Go to the top of my place’s tallest building to do that. And maybe shout about being the king of the world like Jack in Titanic.
  6. Throw on a fancy costume and attend an event that I don’t normally do, like the theater or ballet or the circus. Anything.
  7. Hit the beach. Get sun burnt!
  8. Watch a classic movie (read: old movie). Choose from: Casablanca (1942) , Gone with the Wind (1939), La Voyage Dans La Lune (1902), The Birth of a Nation (1915), The Big Parade (1925). 
  9. Climb a mountain. Mt. Apo? Won’t forget to take a picture (cam whore!) and be safe of course, I don’t wanna meet an accident on my birthday — which is most likely.
  10. Buy a star for myself. This is cool, then name this gaseous mass in space whatever I wanna name it.
  11. Write to myself in the future, about how I’m spending the special day or something. Maybe to myself in 3 or 5 years. You can email via or, if you can figure out how to do it (tell me if you did!), snail mail yourself.
But, as you may have guessed it, these all got shelved. Oh, well, there’s always next year. So, with another birthday impending, how can I spend it in the best possible way? I really don’t know. But I have made up my mind on two things: (1) I don’t want a birthday party. They make me nervous, having to tend to so many guests. And (2) alcohol and cake should be involved.


7 thoughts on “How to celebrate my birthday: I don’t want a birthday party!

  1. Happy very belated birthday! Hehehehe… just found out you got wordpress blog :p Too bad the list got shelved, though. I’d love to see you doing number 4 :p

    • Which part of number 4? Being a nude model? hahahaha. I’m new to wordpress, just transferred from blogspot. (And I’ve added you to my blogroll..)

  2. My birthday is right after thanksgiving and everyone forgets that two big feasts (don’t give me that “self-restraint”bull) are not a good idea in one week. Once again I am struggling with “out to dinner” after “Thanksgiving”. I’ve had it! My birthday is NOT a national holiday! Don’t torture me with eating more stupid stuff I should not go near again for a while. And don’t say we’ll combine Xmas with your birthday. What a shuck! Just go with me on this and allow me to be a birthday-less person.

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