Lady Gaga and her balls to host a ball

Lady Gaga

Following the stoppage of her concerts in Indonesia and South Korea, Philippine religious groups also demand to ban Lady Gaga’s concert. They want to prevent her from offending their religions, and violating the law.

Henrietta de Villa from Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) was quoted as saying that we should stand up for our faith and not allow Lady Gaga to trample on our Lord through her Born This Way Ball concert. Christian leaders like de Villa do not want Lady Gaga to influence the young with her godlessness through her blasphemous, satanic, and sexually induced songs, like Born This Way and Judas. Oh, those innocent kids who’s posted their interpretation/rendition of Lady Gaga songs on Youtube, they’ve just been called godless and satanic! Poor Greyson Chance and Maria Aragon.

And would you dig Christian Fashion Police? Because even Lady Gaga’s skimpy outfits were criticized.

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball concert will be held at SM Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena today, May 21, and tomorrow, May 22. If this pushed through, the religious groups threaten to take this to court. The concert would violate Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code which states that, in a nutshell, any person who publicly exhibits or cause the exhibition of any indecent or immoral show that offends race or religion will be imprisoned for six months to six years. They’d hope Lady Gaga would be scared and reconsider, because she does not have any diplomatic immunity privileges.

I’m not a fan of Lady Gaga, she gives me a headache. I would make fun of her and her outrageous style all the time, her music is mediocre, but is all this banning necessary? Call her all the nasty names you can think of, Lady Gaga the artist will still have her sold-out concert regardless. She gets the last laugh.

Funny how they think that one concert can destroy and undo the values of our faith. Is your faith that weak? I’m not saying they are wrong, all I’m saying is I am not that dumb.

Shouldn’t they be more afraid of the crook dressed in Barong (coat and tie for the Westerners) idly sitting in public office than an artist dressed in outrageous and most of the time scarce clothes? Pasay City’s mayor sent a group to observe Lady Gaga’s concert, ready to sue her for obscenity, but his city’s strip clubs are okay? Hypocrisy.

I read that Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes, a member of the Permanent Council of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, said “Christians must exercise self-censorship to avoid shows that are harmful to their faith”; referring to Lady Gaga’s concert.

If you think this untelevised concert is extremely immoral and demonic and occultic that insults God and directly attacks our religion, then don’t go, or you forbid your children to watch it! It’s that simple.


5 thoughts on “Lady Gaga and her balls to host a ball

  1. hahaha.. natawa ako sa picture, masyadong vulgar. anyways comment ko lang, OA na masyado ang mga religious group. Kung di nila gusto si Lady Gaga, hayaan naman sana nila na ang may gusto ay makapanood ng mas murang concert dahil nasa bansa ito gaganapin. paano naman ung can’t afford to go abroad para lang mapanood sya? sana naman irespeto din nila na hindi lahat ng tao kinamunghian sya.

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