Anawangin: A first-timer’s guide

Anawangin Cove is a favorite picnic/camping destination in Zambales for local and foreign tourists. The string of mountains around the cove protects from tough nightly winds making it a perfect campground. The nearest kickoff point is Pundaquit in San Antonio, and take a 30-minute boat/bangka ride. Waves are tolerable.

Are you ready to try camping? Get some tips from our adventure to Anawangin Cove.


It’s a camping adventure trip, be prepared to get away from your comfort zone.

  • No mobile cellular network. It’s a good retreat from the busy mobile city life.
  • On the way, eating in carenderias/eateries by the roadside is highly possible.
  • Restrooms in the campsite are very basic. Don’t expect mirrors or anything like that.
  • No electricity. Awoo!
  • Tent accommodation. Duh.
  • You’d notice fences, meaning private property and you’d have to pay a fee for entry to another campsite.
  • Crowded with campers, especially on weekends. So expect long queues to the restroom.
  • There is a sari-sari/convenience store that sells almost anything. But, you guessed it right, with a 200-300% mark up on the price. Hahaha.


  1. Private car.
    • Head for the SCTEX at the end of NLEX, past the Dao exit. Use new Mindanao Avenue for convenience.
    • Take Subic route, not Tarlac. Exit at Subic.
    • Pass through and out of Subic and head for the gate at the extreme end of Dewey Street.
    • Once you see the Olongapo Public Cemetery in front of you, turn left and keep on.
    • Watch out for the town of San Marcelino.
    • When you reach San Marcelino, at the public market you will see an intersection. Turn left to San Antonio.
    • Head on straight through San Antonio until you see the Municipal Hall and the Church. Turn left by the end of the main road.
    • Follow the signs headed to Pundaquit.
    • Get a boat from Pundaquit to Anawangin Cove.
  2. Public transportation.
    • Take a bus to San Antonio, Zambales. Approx P250/person for Victory Liner from the Pasay City or Cubao stations.
    • From San Antonio, take the tricycle (around Php25.00 per head, or arrange a fixed rate) to Pundaquit.
    • Get a boat from Pundaquit to Anawangin Cove.

Depending on the time of day, trip may take approx 3-5 hours. We departed at 10PM, using private transport.


This is our actual itinerary for our Anawangin Cove weekend camping with side trip to Capones Island. (Although the time stamps are just estimates, because you’d tend to ignore the time, until the next day because the boatman’s going to pick you up on schedule.)

Day 1
2200H – 0300H: Manila to Pundaquit
0330H – 0400H: Meet boatman
0400H – 0500H: Zzzzzz….
0500H – 0600H: Buying food necessities at San Antonio Market
0600H – 0630H: Boatride to Anawangin
0630H – 0730H: Build camp/Prepare breakfast
0730H – 0830H: Breakfast
0830H – 1130H: Explore Anawangin, or catch some “Zzzzzz”
1130H – 1230H: Prepare lunch
1230H – 1330H: Lunch
1330H – 1800H: Free time
1800H – 1900H: Prepare Dinner
1900H – 2000H: Dinner
2000H ——-> : Booze/Bonfire/Lights off (Oh yesh, there are no lights! Hahaha.)
Day 2
0600H – 0700H: Prepare Breakfast
0700H – 0800H: Breakfast
0800H – 0945H: Free time/Break camp
0945H – 1015H: Anawangin to Capones Island
1015H – 1030H: Trek to Capones Lighthouse
1030H – 1130H: Explore Lighthouse/Camwhoring
1130H – 1145H: Trek back to boat
1145H – 1215H: Capones Island to Pundaquit
1215H – 1300H: Washup/Fixup/Videoke/Snacks
1300H – 1400H: Late lunch at roadside Carenderia, Pundaquit
1400H – 1900H: Pundaquit to Manila (Stopover at Razon’s in Pampanga for early dinner)


For our group of 8, excluding driver, our estimated individual cost was approx Php2,062.50.

For convenience, we bought our mealtime requirements at San Antonio public market. We brought some but mostly we arranged to borrow the utensils (and bought water and booze) from our trusty guide.

We rented a Toyota Innova (with driver), Php10,000.00

Boat rental, roundtrip, Php2,000

Transpo Php 1,250.00
Boat rental 250
Tent rental (3 x Php300/tent) 112.5
Entrance fee 100
Food, per person (We’re gluttons!) 250
Daytour/Sidetrip to Capones Island 100
Estimated, per person Php 2,062.50


Enjoy our quick and easy recipes for camping at Anawangin. What we cooked:

  • Breakfast 1 – Rice, Hotdogs, Hardboiled Eggs
  • Lunch – Rice, Tahong (Asian green mussel), Grilled Fish, Grilled Squid
  • Dinner – Rice, Ensaladang Talong (eggplant salad), Inihaw na Liempo (Grilled Pork Belly)
  • Breakfast 2 – Rice, Eggs (Hardboiled/Scrambled), Leftover Inihaw na Liempo


Pack light.

  1. Clothing & Footwear
    • swimwear
    • towel/sarong
    • hat/cap
    • 1-2 change of clothes
    • slippers/ sandals
  2. Miscellany
    • ziplock/plastic bags to keep your stuff dry
    • water and snacks ( while on the road )
    • mosquito repellent lotion, sunblock
    • camera
    • flashlight, lighter, and other camping essentials
    • other swimming essentials
    • toiletries
    • personal medication
  3. Your desire for adventure, open mind and sense of humor


  • Camping.
  • Swimming.
  • Trek/Climb. You can climb the hill to the left, facing towards the open sea, to see Anawangin Cove in a different perspective. Opposite it, a lonely patch of beach forsaken because of its rocky seafront, but worth a checking.
  • Photography. Camwhoring opportunities abound.
  • Bonfire. Socials.
  • Skimboarding. Bring your own skim board.
  • Sidetrip. Another Php100 can take you to nearby Capones Island. Trek to Capones Lighthouse.

Welcome to the great outdoors!


Name: Larry

Mobile: 09278330332

***Or MESSAGE ME, for travel bookings. I may be able to help you with cheap vacations & travel deals.***


12 thoughts on “Anawangin: A first-timer’s guide

  1. May friend ako nakapunta sa anawangin. He doesn’t like the place. Kc daw masyadong nabenta sa mga blog reviews ang place. Kya nag-expect sya ng sobra-sobra kya ayon, resulta, disappointed.

    Di pa ako nakarating sa place pero dahil sa wala ako masyadong expectations kya baka magustuhan ko ang lugar na yan. Ang tanong nalang ngaun ay kung kelan ako makarting jan. Hayzzz.. Kailangan kc madaming pera at madaming friends para makatipid. Ayt! Pareho wala ako nun. Hahaha

    • Don’t expect much of the place. Hindi naman sya Boracay or Puerto Galera na may mga hotels/resorts. Walang ganun, it’s camping all the way. Boyscout doon. You should be ready to leave your comfort zone if you go to Anawangin.

      • nag expect sya sa beach mismo. kesyo di daw kanun kaganda ang beach. i mean usual beach lang daw para sa kanya. nothing special with the place. kesyo di masyadong maganda ang sand. kc akala nya white sand kc un daw ang nakikita sa pictures.

        well ika nga, pictures can be deceiving. hehehe

      • Syempre hindi white sand. It’s lahar sand, remnants from Mt Pinatubo’s eruption. I can understand your friend, nothing can really prepare you for Anawangin, especially a first timer, but looks like your friend isn’t ready for the outdoors yet. Your friend would’ve liked it more, it seems, in a hotel and resort and spa. Hahaha.

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