Unusual bed and breakfast

Aren’t you tired with your usual accommodations? Same ole wide lobbies and standardized hotel rooms. Aren’t you tired of the typical hotel/restaurant fare? Same ole food and dining options.

Excite yourself, once in a while. Why not choose a quirkier alternative? Ditch the boring, and go for the unconventional and extraordinaire accommodation and dining experience…at the hospital!

The patient rooms are comfortable and equipped with all the modern conveniences: cable TV, airconditioning, refrigerator, telephone, toilet and bath with shower heater, and snug interiors and bed (guest bed, that is). Be sure it’s not the ward though, at least Semi-Private room!

Hospital food doesn’t have a very good reputation, but that’s unfair because they’re really tasty. The hospital dietary staff would bring in a big tray — all items covered with a card listing everything on that tray.

The meals included in your hospital stay however still depends on the patient’s illness because the hospital would have recommended diets. It can range from bland to mouthwatering. And even if it were mouthwatering, the patient mostly won’t eat it, so it’s all yours.

No, don’t be the patient, you be the baby-sitter. Volunteer to look after a friend or a relative confined in a hospital! Spread the spirit of kindness… and some pure silliness. That’s how I roll! Nyahaha.


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