En route to Boracay

Life’s a b…beach! LOL

It’s my first time to visit Boracay, well, for any of us really. I was with cousin Ara & her mom, Tita Tata, plus 3 of Tita’s officemates on board a different flight. We were all looking forward to experiencing what this island paradise had to offer. I thought, this should be fun! Afterall, it’s Valentines, er, it’s almost summer in the Philippines!

Feb 15 (Friday)
8:40AM – Took taxi from house to NAIA Terminal 3. We took the skyway (Php20.00 toll fee) to avoid traffic.

9:00AM – Arrived at Terminal 3. We only had hand-carry baggage so twas a breeze to queue up for check in thru Cebu Pacific. No more Php200.00 terminal fee, it’s included in plane tickets as per new regulation. Shortens the departure process.

Well-maintained NAIA Terminal 3. Courtesy of the Php200.00 terminal fee.

Well-maintained NAIA Terminal 3. Courtesy of the Php200.00 terminal fee.

We got cheap promo airfares + a free gift certificate to a posh resort. So this was one dream vacation on a budget!

9:40AM – We were feeling Jollibee for some reason, so we decided to go grab us some breakfast. We had about 2 and a half hours to kill anyway. Excited much? Haha.

10:30AM – Off to the boarding gates we went. Bored waiting for departure.

12:40PM – Depart Manila for Caticlan. No delay for Cebu Pacific, unlike the other carriers.

1:50PM – Touchdown tiny Caticlan Airport. A placard greeted us right outside the airport. Oh, hello there chauffeur! Our resort’s van took us to Caticlan Jetty Port.

“Maam, you can’t stay here in the runway.”

2:15PM – Caticlan Jetty Port.

What you pay before you can hop into your boat: (1) Terminal Fee – Php100.00, (2) Environmental Fee – Php75.00, (3) Boat Fee – Php25.00

Fees, fees, fees. But with Boracay being dubbed the top beach in the world, I say the money collected from these fees are put to good use.

We boarded our pumpboat to Boracay island. Updating FB status and tweeting like hell at this poi…I mean, dying of excitement at this point!

We had an usher from our hotel to escort us through the port’s terminal fees & bangka pumpboat ride to Boracay port where another van waited to drive us to our accommodation. Savvy!

2:30PM – Boracay!

Boracay port. Yahoo!

Boracay port. Yahoo!

The trip to our hotel up in Station 1 was a quick 20 minutes.

For the record, we paid for the airport transfers through our hotel. Was just convenient, and ’round about the same total price when you choose otherwise.

Oh, how I missed the beach. Sand, sea, and sun…One fun weekend at Boracay was bound to happen!

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2 thoughts on “En route to Boracay

  1. nasa Boracay ka parin hanggang ngaun. tanongin sana kita kung anong mga activities na sulit jan. I mean less expenses more fun.

    share mo ah, wait ko. kc by June punta din kami jan. kya lang via Kalibo kami. sad 😦

    • Ok lang via Kalibo, pero sayang lang yung travel time kasi, mga 2hours away pa yan sa Caticlan. mga Php200 – 250 yung banana boat. Helmet diving is cool, makukuha mo ng mga Php350-400. Ilang araw ka ba dun? Yun dalawa pwede mo gawin in a day.

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