Boracay: Island paradise (photoblog)

Finally! We set foot in Bora for the very first time. (Is calling Boracay “Bora” conyo or jeje?) And, oh, how I fell in love with this island paradise. It was beautiful – stunning beach views, relaxing vibes and coolly indifferent tourists (who don’t mind how you look at all).

Boracay: Island paradise

The most amazing thing about Boracay is their beach.

boracay sunbathing

Uhmmm…I said BEACH.

boracay beachfront

Fortunately, we went there when it wasn’t as crowded.

7 IMG_5652

Much of the sand was covered by water and so the beach was just a narrow stretch of white sand.

We got plenty of sun and not a hint of rain!

8 IMG_5640copy
10 IMG_5640

I loved walking barefeet on the soft, powdered milk like white sand with the water touching my ankles.

Sailboats (and parasailers) everywhere!

Sailboats (and parasailers) everywhere!

Willy’s Rock

The grotto in the background (Willy’s Rock). Who the heck is Willy? Your guess is as good as mine.

We chanced upon expert makers of Boracay sand castles. Yep, they’re only kids! They’re cafting a Boracay insignia here.

12 IMG_5350 (2)

Boracay seascape

The beautiful Boracay seascape.

At night, the barbecue stalls come out to the beachfront.

12.2 IMG_5376

When night falls, Boracay beach comes alive with bright neon lights.

12.3 IMG_5378

12.4 IMG_5380

We walked the beach to Station 2 where all the action was. D*Mall was our mark.

12.4 IMG_5425

We went and grabbed dinner at the first restaurant we saw.

12.6 IMG_5398
Big Mouth served big, true to its name.

Pork Tonkatsu

Pork Tonkatsu

Chilli Squid

Chilli Squid

We saw this human statue/robot show when we were making our way through quaint shops in D*Mall.

12.5 IMG_5402

12.5 IMG_5401

Cool, but what the heck, “tipping is required” before you can take photos from the show! These photos were illegally taken, technically.

Shopping for pasalubongs won’t be a problem.

12.9 img_5409

The cheapest ones are key chains, ref magnets, bracelets and anklets.

12.10 IMG_5390

Haggle, haggle. Shop around, you’ll find bargains from other stores.

12.11 IMG_5403 (1)

12.11 IMG_5403

12.14 IMG_5404

12.14 IMG_5408

Boracay is a party scene in itself, I tell you.


Breathtaking panoramic view of Boracay lush greens from our temporary home, Alta Vista de Boracay.

13 IMG_5515

Our room had a good vantage point of the luxurious Shangrila Resort & Spa and world-class golf resort Fairways & Bluewater.

Oh, hello there, breakfast!

Oh, hello there, breakfast!

14.1 IMG_5449

14.2 IMG_5457

14.3 img_5458 (2)

14.4img_5458 (3)

Breakfast buffet at Alta Vista, overlooking the infinity pool.


Right after a hearty breakfast, Ara and I didn’t waste time and tried the pool.

14.6 IMG_5470

Then there’s unspoiled Puka beach, a short 5 minute ride away from our resort.

14.7 IMG_5508
The sand was as fine as that in White beach.

puka beach

16 IMG_5546

My feeble attempt to a jumpshot.

17 IMG_5566

The water was as turquoise and as clear as a chlorinated swimming pool.

18 IMG_5600

19 IMG_5577

Nothing fancy for lunch. Just Mang Inasal, just because we were soooo hungry from all the Puka goodness. We needed the unlimited rice. LOL.

20.1 IMG_5628

20.2 IMG_5630

20.3 IMG_5631

Boracay is home to the most amazing sunset colors.

21 IMG_5368

22 IMG_5367

We did banana boating, and nobody even fell off! What a letdown. LOL. This was the only activity we paid to do, and this right here was our last sunset in Bora. Sad.

23 IMG_5661

Boracay! It’s paradise for the beach and sun-worshipper like me! I’ll miss the Boracay vibe.

I love you, Boracay.

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