Wingman, Makati City

wingman buffalo wings

The best wings in town. Wingman’s menu offers an amazing variety of ridiculously delicious chicken wings, served w/ carrot sticks (that taste more like papaya) and ranch dressing. Not so pricey too.

TRY: Buffalo Wings – Apocalyptic hot, Php200 half/ Php330 dozen

WHAT: I like the spicy-sour punch that Tabasco hot sauces give; and this particular flavor tasted like it. The wings seem to have just been coated with a whole lot of Tabasco. But if you dig any kind of spicy, you really can’t complain. LOL. Anne Curtis recommended this was good. The truth is indeed relative. You can always order the other yummy alternatives including Garlic Parmesan, Lemon Pepper and Asian Invasion.

ALSO TRY: Quesadillas, Php200. This is a must-try. Crisp tortillas loaded with 3 cheeses, tomatoes and pomodoro sauce. It’s so good.

WHERE: The Collective, Malugay St, Makati City


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