Part 3: Beach bum overnight in Basdaku, Moalboal

 After the cool Kawasan Falls, we headed for Moalboal (pronounced as mwal-bwal) for some major beach bumming. 


1. From the church at Brgy. Matutinao, Badian, ride a bus to Moalboal Public Market.

Travel time: 30 minutes (from Badian)

Bus fare (non-airconditioned): Php20 

2. When you get to the drop off, the Moalboal Public Market, you hire a tricycle or a habal-habal pegged at Php100.00 for the ride and the drivers will happily help you “shop” for resorts or take you to your resort if you already reserved beforehand. 

Prepare Php5.00 coins for barangay/beach entrance fee.   



Choose from either Panagsama/Basdiot (for really cheap accommodation) or Basdaku (for major sand, waves and beach loving). We opted for Basdaku. Its long white sandy coastline stretches up to a kilometer. There may be some little pieces of trash and dead corals by the shore, but that didn’t stop us (along with locals and other tourists) from enjoying the sun and crystal clear waters.

 Basdaku has got quite a few beach front resorts/cottages/houses that you can choose from (as recommended by bloggers): 

1. Ester Escabas Cottages

We stayed at Ester Escabas Cottages (contact details below) that has 3-4 overnight rooms (varies in size) with electricity and a simple bathroom inside. It’s not like the ornate and expensive resorts nearby, it’s really simple but charming all the same. We got an aircon room good for 2 people for Php1,500. 

Contact number: (0927) 578 5983 


2. Magic Place

Rate starts at Php1,500.

Contact Number: (0905) 906 6956/ (0906) 347 3555 (I didn’t get replies when I texted these numbers – so please let me know if you have updated numbers). I’ve been here in 2011, and I texted 09173160701 (I dunno if this is still active).

3. HK Beach Resort
Rate starts at Php1,500.

Contact Number: (0919) 476 6385 (let me know if you have updated numbers for this resort)

4. Club Serena Resort
(Located next to Ester Escabas Cottages) Pricier resort. Rate starts at Php3,000. 



Diving – If you fancy going for a dive, you can take diving lessons. 

Island Hopping – snorkel and see Moalboal’s coral bed.

Dolphin Watching in Pescador island – this is done very early in the morning.


The resorts have their own menu. But you can always check out the carenderias or small sari-sari stores dotting the Basdaku shoreline or buy your goodies/supplies at their public market.

Our resort made Pshychie and I feel at home. We gave extra money to Tita Ester for our home-cooked meals instead. The resort sells bottled water, soda, and the all-important booze.

 I sooo looove breakfast @ the open-air cottage by the beachfront… Uh-uhm!


For pasalubongs, on your way back from the beach, stop by Mantalongon for their incredible Bingka; Barili Shamrock and try their hot pan de sal; Moalboal Public Market for the awesome nilubid (otherwise known as shakoy).

 If you want to get away from the hurly-burly of the city life for a little while, and you’re in a tight budget, lay down your beach mat at Moalboal. Bring friends though; they’d make a difference. 

And don’t forget your cameras!

Pro Tip:
Plan your trip on a weekday, if you could. Resorts are fully booked on weekends usually. Reserve, if you can though. 


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