Music and (Tweaked) Lyrics

The wonderful Filipino art of “dugtungan” (mashup). Hahaha. This must’ve stemmed from the Filipinos’ love for their karaoke, commonly known as videoke (singing in general, really), and their love to entertain being true to their welcoming nature. So yeah, at this point, there’s no discounting that I’m Filipino.

Weak (SWV) & Sana Kahit Minsan (Ariel Rivera)
♪♫ I get so… bakit ikaw ang nais na matanaw nitong mga mata?.. ♪♫

Wahaha. Laughtrip! Ang mga pinoy nga talaga. Here are other samples that can rock a party. Sing along if you know them!

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Lady Gaga and her balls to host a ball

Lady Gaga

Following the stoppage of her concerts in Indonesia and South Korea, Philippine religious groups also demand to ban Lady Gaga’s concert. They want to prevent her from offending their religions, and violating the law. Continue reading

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