Boracay: Island paradise (photoblog)

Finally! We set foot in Bora for the very first time. (Is calling Boracay “Bora” conyo or jeje?) And, oh, how I fell in love with this island paradise. It was beautiful – stunning beach views, relaxing vibes and coolly indifferent tourists (who don’t mind how you look at all).

Boracay: Island paradise

The most amazing thing about Boracay is their beach. Continue reading


En route to Boracay

Life’s a b…beach! LOL

It’s my first time to visit Boracay, well, for any of us really. I was with cousin Ara & her mom, Tita Tata, plus 3 of Tita’s officemates on board a different flight. We were all looking forward to experiencing what this island paradise had to offer. I thought, this should be fun! Afterall, it’s Valentines, er, it’s almost summer in the Philippines!

Feb 15 (Friday)
8:40AM – Took taxi from house to NAIA Terminal 3. We took the skyway (Php20.00 toll fee) to avoid traffic.

9:00AM – Arrived at Continue reading

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