What to buy in Zamboanga City

We’d have different comfort levels. But trust me when I say Zamboanga City is not a war zone, and it’s certainly not unsafe like the media says. Zamboanga City, or Asia’s Latin City, is as unsafe as your current location, but not as charming. Its quaintness lies in the Spanish creole Chabacano dialect and sightseeing opportunities: the great Santa Cruz Island’s pink sand beach; the Zamboanga International Airport showcasing the city’s Islamic heritage; the Pasonanca park comparable to Baguio because of its altitude and flora varieties; the Zamboanga city hall that was constructed by the Americans during the early 1900s; the Fort Pilar shrine, a 1635 Spanish garrison turned museum; the huge Metropolitan Cathedral of Immaculate Conception; and the Paseo Del Mar that resembles the bay-walk along Manila bay. But I’m not writing about tourist spots in this city, nor the cuisine here. I’d share about shopping (clearly, the title of this post!), about great buys, should your comfort level allow you to go see Zamboanga City.

Let’s get straight to it, WHAT TO BUY IN ZAMBOANGA CITY:

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